The Pursuit of Happiness

When you distill our goals in life down, what you’ll most likely find is that we all just want to be happy.

A lot of things stand in the way of that, though! Bad things happen, sometimes we fail at tasks or goals, and sometimes things just kind of slip away. We can look at ourselves like driftwood on a river, carried downstream by currents that can sometimes be fought but which are usually too powerful. Life is transient and temporary, and we – as transient, temporary beings – have this cloud of impending loss looming over us at all times. How can we be happy in the midst of that? All money, belongings, and physical things will eventually be gone, leaving us back where we started.

But the beauty of life lies here, in the midst of this transience. It’s the same message that Moses brought to the Pharaoh, the same story as the prophets and of Christ himself: God is not transient. There is one anchor in the river of life, one truth that stands through every difficult time, and that is God. God, who is the creator of all, who is ultimately sovereign. God, who is gentle as the breeze and loving as a shepherd for his sheep. But instead of freeing us from a slave master Pharaoh or a violent Babylon or Rome, God’s message of freedom for us is from this temporary, terminal nature.

We’ve heard that Christ rose from the dead, having conquered the supposedly unconquerable force of Death itself, yet have we listened to that message? We finally have a source for the happiness that we’ve always wanted, but do we turn our eyes to it? Do we cling to it dearly? Christianity is not another law to follow; it’s an opportunity to find happiness and fulfillment.

As you continue your walk through each day, remember that there is an anchor which does not pass away with the things of this world. And if you cling to it, you will have the blessed happiness and peace that we all search for.

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