What’s the Point: An Introduction

Texas occupies an interesting place in the United States, somewhere at the intersection of the “proper South,” the Midwest, the Southwest, and Mexico. Even in the middle of the conflict of identity that flows from our location (and our size), however, we can be sure that there will be a common, undisputed thread of truth running through our diverse state: there are a lot of Christians in Texas. And if you’re from Texas, especially if you’re a Christian from Texas, you may have an idea about what that means! You go to church on Sunday, maybe Sunday School. You sing songs, maybe with an organ, maybe an electric guitar. Most likely, you’ve been to a fellowship meal or two, and most likely they were potlucks. You know the value of a good casserole and the versatility of potatoes and cheese. But beyond the songs, beyond the instrumentation (or lack thereof), even beyond the casseroles, what’s the point?

I’m inviting you to consider this question for a few weeks. We’ll think about what Christianity means, what communities of faith are about, and even what sets the Methodist Church apart in a world that’s losing its denominational attachments. More than anything, we’re going to ask why these things exist, what they accomplish, and how they fit into the world. So please, join in this dialogue! Consider what Christianity and Church means to you, and see if you can find your own answer to the question:

What’s the Point?

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